Black Diamond Climbing Shoes by Nike

Black Diamond Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond has released a new set of climbing shoes that will all be available in 2018. The Black Diamond team worked with Nike, and Butora to design their new climbing shoes which crossed wide disciplines of shoe technologies. The new Black Diamond climbing shoes all sport a Nike style fly-knit upper and Butora made NeoFriction rubber.

These shoes are innovative because they introduce the knit upper from athletic shoes into climbing shoes. Up until this point there have been limited options for shoe uppers, you had the choice of natural leather or synthetic sheet fabrics. The knit is able to be tighter and looser to create comfortable stretch zones and breathable areas seamlessly.

Another notable feature of Black Diamond climbing shoes are that they have a molded rubber outsole. What this means is that the rubber is poured into the shape it will be and not cut from a sheet. This allows the outsole to have different thicknesses so rubber can be concentrated in areas which are most needed.

Black Diamond ______________

Not sure yet what it is called, but this asymmetric lace-up is designed to be the new introductory shoe at an $80 price point with 6mm+ outsole rubber to have long wear life.


Men's Black Diamond Momentum

Black Diamond Momentum

The velcro introductory shoe at the $90 price point, available in Men, Women, and Kid versions. The Momentum features molded 4.3mm NeoFriction rubber outsole, and a comfortable fly-knit upper.


Black Diamond Aspect

The Aspect is the outdoor trad style shoe which features molded 4.3mm NeoFriction Force edge rubber, leather upper, a stiff midsole, subtle but effective lace toe box protection, and lateral stabilizer rands.

The lateral stabilizers are extra rubber in the midsection of the shoe (the grayish looking rubber) that stiffen and add torsional rigidity to keep your foot from rolling over when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges.

The tongue of the shoe is made of the knit fabric for added comfort and breathability. And similar to the upper on board lasted shoes, the knit continues past the rand line for extra protection/cushioning.


Black Diamond Focus

Black Diamond Focus

The Focus is Black Diamond’s stiffer aggressive shoe, for sport climbing on small edges. The upper is made of leather with hemp liner, a natural anti-fungal that also helps reduce odor.

It features molded 4.3mm NeoFriction Force rubber which is Butora’s stiffest rubber for edging. Similar to the Black Diamond Aspect, it has medial and lateral stabilizer rands that keep your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges.


Black Diamond Shadow

The Black Diamond Shadow is the soft aggressive shoe for steep overhung climbing. It has no midsole so it will be more flexible and sensitive.

The upper is synthetic, made from micro fiber with a breathable knit tongue. It features sectioned printed rubber and molded rubber for toe protection. The molded NeoFriction Fuse rubber outsole is 1.3mm in the middle of the box and 4.3mm at the outer edges.


Black Diamond climbing shoes should all be available by February 2018.

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