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Thank you for your interest in becoming an expert. 

We strive to bring the climbing community to-the-point information. The hope is, the less fuss there is about what gear to get, the more we can all climb.


  • Free or heavily discounted shoes for the best annual reviews.
  • Get a free pair of climbing or approach shoes for every 5 completed reviews.
  • Community recognition for helping fellow climbers.

How to Write a Good Review


  • Write at least 500 words.


  • Use many short sections.
  • More headlines.


  • Use short and easy to read sentences.
  • Try to always explain your reasoning. For example, “I thought the shoe was not very durable.” is not a sufficient explanation.
  • Write casually.


  • Only provide your own photos.
  • The more the photos the better.
  • All photos must be at least 900px wide.

Climb Score

  • Add an overall score from 1-100 that reflects your thoughts about overall shoe performance.

Review Outline

At the minimum, all of these questions should be addressed in a review.

  1. What type of climbing did the shoes experience?
    • What grades?
    • What locations? (ex. Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Gym, etc.)
  2. Describe the fit.
    • What size do you wear? Be specific about how you sized them up or down from street shoes.
    • How did they fit your have wide, normal, or narrow feet?
    • What is your toe style? Find out here…
    • Compare the sizing to at least two other shoes you have tried.
  3. How comfortable is the shoe?
    • How did they break in, did they stretch? If so, how much?
  4. How did they perform edging, smearing, toe hooking, and heel hooking?
    • Where or how did they preform best?
    • Where or how did they preform worst?
  5. Describe the shoe sensitivity.
    • Compare sensitivity to similar style shoes.
  6. Are they durable?
    • How long have they lasted?
    • How often did you climb in them?
  7. Do you think the shoes are worth their value?
    • Would you recommend them?
    • What type of climbing would you recommend them for?

Review Requirements

  • Must have a picture of yourself climbing in the shoes.
  • Reviewed shoes must have been worn until they were unusable, or used for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Submitted reviews must be of shoes still in production, special cases may apply. Email Chris ( for any questions about current production models.

How to Apply

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There is no guarantee for your first review to be approved. Follow the guidelines, and you will have a good chance to be approved.

We are happy to help with revisions if needed.

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