21 Pros/Cons of Five Ten Anasazi Pink Lace Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Anasazi Lace "The Pink"

$165.00 MSRP

Climb Score

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User Ratings

4.8/5 based on 87 user ratings.


  • Closure System: Laces
  • Upper: Synthetic Cowdura
  • Lining: None
  • Insole: 
  • Midsole:
  • Outsole: 4.2mm Stealth C4 Rubber
  • Last: Slip Last
  • Symmetry: Moderate
  • Profile: Moderate
  • Sensitivity: Low
  • Hardness: Stiff
  • Weight: 8.6oz (size 9)
  • Special Features: 
  • Color: The Pink
  • Sizes: 2-15 US Men’s
Moderate Downturn


Moderate Asymmetry


Moderate Rubber

Med Stiff RUBBER

Vegan Climbing Shoes


The Good

  • Most all users agree that it is a highly versatile shoe for many types of climbing.
  • The majority of users thought they were comfortable out of the box and fit well.
  • Users agree they are great edging shoe for technical face climbing, especially vertical granite.
  • Most users felt they performed great for smearing and climbing slabby terrain.
  • Most users agree that the shoe is durable.
  • Users appreciated the sticky quality of rubber.
  • Some users mentioned they were comfortable to walk in.
  • 6 users thought it performed good for heel hooking.
  • 3 users thought they performed well in thin splitter cracks.
  • 2 users reported average toe hooking ability.
  • 1 user mentioned the low volume heel is comfortable.
  • 1 user thought they fit well for wide heels.

The Bad

  • The majority of users felt they did not perform great for steep sport climbing.
  • 5 users were annoyed that the laces are too long.
  • 4 reviewers were not happy with the slow process of taking them on and off.
  • 4 users thought the laces were poor quality. They reported ripping and core shot damage.
  • 3 users thought the thin upper was not good for intense foot jamming. 1 of them reported wearing holes into the upper fairly quickly in larger cracks.
  • 2 reviewers mentioned the edge lost its rigidity over time, and that it is does not edge well later in its life.
  • 2 users thought they got smelly easily.
  • 1 user complained about the tongue moving around too much.
  • 1 user mentioned they were not very breathable.

Fit and Sizing

Sizes based on 39 user testimonials.

1/2 Size Up
Stay True
1/2 Size Down

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