Five Ten Moccasym vs Evolv Addict

What’s the Difference?

The twenty plus year old Five Ten Moccasyms have finally met their counterpart. The Evolv Addicts are a newer option for a slip-on crack climbing shoe. The differences in these shoes are subtle, specs for the Five Ten Moccasyms vs. the Evolv Addicts are very much the same. Primarily what makes each shoe different is the rubber compound and the way they will fit.

Five Ten Moccasym

Five Ten Moccasyms

Climbing in Five Ten Moccasym

Five Ten Moccasym Pros

  • Stealth C4 rubber
  • Wider range of sizes
  • Available in No Stretch Synthetic Version
  • Five Ten has been making them 20+ years
Feet Stained by Moccs
Feet Stained by Moccs.

Five Ten Moccasym Cons

  • $25 more than the Evolv Addict
  • Leather dye turns your feet red
  • Tendency to develop a loose heel

Evolv Addict

Evolv Addict

  • 4.2mm Trax HF Rubber
  • Unlined Leather Upper
  • Slightly Asymmetrical (more symmetric than Moccs)
  • Variable Thickness Rand
  • Comes in sizes 4-13.5 US

Climbing in Evolv Addict

Evolv Addict Pros

  • More secure heel
  • Fits wide feet better
  • Variable Thickness Rand
  • $25 Cheaper than Five Ten Moccs

Evolv Addict Cons

  • Hot spot on the heel
  • Slightly softer but inferior rubber

Five Ten Moccasym vs. Evolv Addict Analysis

The Five Ten Moccasym is stickier, the Stealth C4 rubber has noticeably better friction on plastic gym holds. It is hard to tell if the Trax High Friction rubber on the Evolv Addict compromises friction for more durability because it has a similar wear rate to the Stealth C4 rubber on the Moccasym.

Although this can vary according to different foot shapes, the Evolv Addict has a more secure fit in the heel. Most of the criticisms for the Moccasym shoes are that when they stretch out, they develop a floppy heel. The only downside to the heel on the Addict is that they have a “hot spot” where the material is joined that can be uncomfortable.

Evolv Addict Hot Spot
Evolv Addict “Hot Spot”

The Addicts also have a Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) which means that there is more or less rubber in certain spots on the rand. This is great because it makes the shoe more comfortable and durable because the less used areas of the shoe will be more flexible and the more used areas will be better protected and have more rubber to scrape off.


If friction is priority then the Five Ten Moccasyms are the better choice. It is hard to compete with the Stealth C4 rubber, it has a great friction to durability ratio. If fit is the priority then the Evolv Addict is the better choice. There is careful consideration for rubber placement and heel reinforcement which creates a more secure fitting slip-on. To get the best of both worlds, it may be worth resoling a pair of Evolv Addicts with Stealth C4 rubber.

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