25 Pros/Cons of La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Skwama

$165.00 MSRP

Climb Score

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User Ratings

4.7/5 based on 80 user ratings.


  • Closure System: Single Velcro
  • Upper: Leather and Microfiber
  • Lining: None
  • Insole: 
  • Midsole: 0.8mm Laspoflex
  • Outsole: 4mm Vibram XS Grip2
  • Last: Slip Last
  • Symmetry: High
  • Profile: Aggressive
  • Sensitivity: Moderate
  • Hardness: Average
  • Weight: 
  • Special Features: P3 Platform
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Sizes: 33-46 EU
Aggressive Climbing Shoes



Soft Climbing


The Good

  • Most users thought the shoe was comfortable.
  • The majority of users thought it is very versatile for all types of climbing.
  • Most users thought the heel fit and performed well for heel hooking.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Many users were impressed with the shoes' smearing ability.
  • Many users thought it preformed decent for edging.
  • 5 users appreciated the support and sensitivity of the outsole.
  • 4 users thought they perform well indoor and outdoor.
  • 4 users were impressed with the overall tight fit.
  • 3 users were happy with the lower price compared to many performance shoes.
  • 3 users mention they are comfortable and perform well for toe hooks.
  • 2 users thought they fit well for their wide forefoot.
  • 2 users mentioned they are comfortable for mild Morton's Toe.
  • 2 users reported decent performance with crack climbing.

The Bad

  • Users were divided on shoe durability.
  • 5 users had trouble sizing them, and were unhappy that they stretched too much.
  • 4 users reported delamination of the rubber on the toe box.
  • 3 users thought the single strap did not have enough adjustability.
  • 3 users mentioned having dead space in the heel.
  • 3 users thought the heel material goes up too high and gave them a hotspot.
  • 1 user reported the elastic stitching coming undone.
  • 1 users disappointed with the lack of support for technical edging.
  • 1 users mentioned the heel did not fit well for narrow feet.
  • 1 users thought the closure area was uncomfortable.
  • 1 users did not think they resoled well.

Fit and Sizing

Sizes based on 44 user testimonials.

1/2 Size Down
1 Size Down
1 1/2 Sizes Down
2 Sizes Down
2 1/2 Sizes Down
3 Sizes Down

Expert Reviews


I have climbed 3 times a week pretty evenly indoor and outdoor with the La Sportiva Skwamas. They have been taken outdoors in Chattanooga, TN, Red River Gorge, KY, and Hueco Tanks, TX.

Profile view of the La Sportiva Skwama


The Skwama fits my foot well because they have a narrow shape. I have a pretty long and narrow foot so it can be easy for my foot to slide out of a shoe. Also, because it fits my heel so well, it offers a good amount of support through the arch.

Sport Climbing in La Sportiva Skwama
Resistor 5.13a. Red River Gorge, KY.


As far as sizing, this shoe is different for me from the La Sportiva Solution and the Testarosa and I have to go a full size down from those two models.


La Sportiva Skwama Arch


The Skwama was quite comfortable out of the box and did not require more than a week to break-in. There has been a bit of stretching with the leather parts of the shoe which made it more comfortable but still secure.

Bouldering in La Sportiva Skwama
Tennessee Thong V7. Chattanoogah, TN.


I love the Skwama for heel hooking, it cups my narrow foot well. I remember being able to effectively pull the left heel on Tennessee Thong in Little Rock City.

La Sportiva Skwama Toe Rubber Protection

The Skwama toe hooks comfortably because it has a lot of toe rubber protection. The only issue is the single strap closure does not work well enough to keep my foot from slipping inside the shoe when I am really engaged in a toe hook.

The rubber is supportive enough to edge well and still be sensitive. Even though the shoe is downturned, it performs well smearing.

Climbing in La Sportiva Skwama
Free Willy V10. Hueco Tanks, TX.

The Skwamas’ performed best on overhanging boulders. They are easy to slip on and off but are comfortable enough to keep wearing for multiple attempts at a time.

I have worn them on multipitch routes before, I would not suggest doing this, while they aren’t the worst shoe for it they will become pretty uncomfortable after a hanging belay.


I think that the Skwama has the appropriate amount of sensitivity to serve well as an all-around shoe. They are soft and have a 4mm thick outsole so they will last longer than some of the shoes in its class.

Toe Rubber Wear on the La Sportiva Skwama
First signs of wear on the Skwamas.


I purchased the shoes almost a year ago and they have recently started to wear through the rubber. Climbing three times a week and considering how sensitive these shoes are, I am impressed with their durability.


The LA Sportiva Skwamas are currently my favorite shoes, I believe they are an extremely high performing shoe with a slightly cheaper price tag. I suggest them to anyone looking for an all-around shoe.

Ryan S – Level 2 Expert

Ryan S



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