23 Pros/Cons of So iLL Runner Climbing Shoes

So iLL Runner

$119.00 MSRP

Climb Score

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User Ratings

3.9/5 based on 23 user ratings.


  • Closure System: Triple Velcro
  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Lining:
  • Insole: 
  • Midsole:
  • Outsole: 4mm Dark Matter
  • Last: Slip Last
  • Symmetry: Med-High
  • Profile: Aggressive
  • Sensitivity: High
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Weight: 
  • Special Features: 
  • Color: Teal
  • Sizes: 4-13 US Men’s
Aggressive Climbing Shoes


Moderate Asymmetry


Soft Climbing


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The Good

  • The majority of users users thought the shoe was comfortable.
  • Most users were happy with the overall fit.
  • Most users mentioned they were comfortable right out of the box.
  • Many users liked the bright teal color.
  • 4 users were happy with the sensitivity.
  • 4 users were happy with customer service from So iLL.
  • 3 users would recommend this shoe for beginning climbers who want a more aggressive shoe.
  • 2 users liked that the rubber was soft and spongy.
  • 2 users thought they were durable, and mentioned they lasted 5+ months of gym use.
  • 2 user thought the mesh upper was comfortable.
  • 1 reviewer reported they edged well on vertical and steep terrain.
  • 1 user thought the shoe was light and breathable.
  • 1 user thought it was good for the price.

The Bad

  • Users were divided on rubber performance.
  • Users were divided on toe hook performance.
  • 3 users did not think it performed well for outdoor climbing.
  • 3 users wore through the toe rubber in less than 2 months.
  • 2 users were unhappy with the spilled glue near the rubber seams.
  • 1 tester mentioned the shoe had hot spots from the velcro straps at the top of the shoe.
  • 1 user felt that it was too soft and not very supportive.
  • 1 user experienced rand delimitation.
  • 1 user reported ripping the tongue out of as shoe while putting it on.
  • 1 user ripped some of the stitching on the pull tabs.

Fit and Sizing

Sizes based on 15 user testimonials.

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Expert Reviews

So iLL Runner Climbing Shoes

Location and Climbing

Indoor climbing up to V8 and 5.12c

Climbing in So iLL Runner

Fit and Sizing

I have Egyptian style toes, and usually wear a size 10 in street shoes. I wear a size 10 in the Runners. These shoes fit quite well in that aspect. I have narrow feet which mean I have to cinch the straps down very far which causes issues.

These I don’t have to change my sizing very much which I like compared to Skwamas, Solutions, and Testarossas which I have to size down 2.5 and 2 sizes lower.

Sizing of the shoe was pretty much perfect out of the box, there was not very much stretch so the break in time was maybe two days.

The velcro straps were one of my least favorite aspects of the shoes. The straps are very long especially if you have a narrow foot and need to cinch them down a lot, they hang over extremely far. I did cut the straps to get rid of some of the length but if I were to cut the straps anymore I would lose the most of the hook part of the velcro and they would most likely not stay strapped down.

Another problem I had was with the upper of the shoe, the Runner has a free tongue similar to a sneaker which is kind of odd for a climbing shoe. The worst part about the upper/ straps is how soft it is, this in addition to the sharp corners of the strap created a few hot spots on the top of my foot.

So iLL Runner Top


The shoes definitely performed best when it came to edging and smearing. In this area I thought they actually performed quite well and experienced very little slippage.

They preformed best, edging on vertical and steeper terrain.

Heel hooking wasn’t great I only had decent heel hooking when I really cinched done the strap which led to other issues with the straps.

Toe hooking is where these shoes were the worst, I found there wasn’t enough rubber on the top of the shoes and the straps got in the way and didn’t allow for good performance. In addition to that the upper is very soft and made toe hooking painful.

Climbing in So iLL Runner


I’d say the sensitivity are more similar to a solution the rubber is not too thin and not too thick which I am a fan of. I was able to toe down and not have a crazy amount of calf engagement without slipping and still have enough feeling under my toes to feel the holds I was standing on.

So iLL Runner Wear


I didn’t find them to be very durable, they lasted me about 5 months before they completely blew out. I did climb in them 4-5 times a week.

So iLL Runner Wear


I do not believe the shoes are worth the $119 retail price and would not recommend them, the best thing about them is that the color pops and look pretty cool.  I think that over time SoIll will improve their designs and the form might catch up to the function.

Ryan S – Level 2 Expert



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